With over 7 billion mobile devices predicted to be in use by 2015, employees in are becoming increasingly mobile. Additionally, video and other rich-media collaboration tools are expected to grow tenfold by 2014, consuming over 90 percent of available bandwidth.

Mid-market organizations like yours are turning to Cisco for solutions that:

Help navigate the interconnected world of public, private, and
hybrid clouds with a networking strategy that allows you to take advantage of improved efficiency

Support more data-intensive applications, and deliver that data
to more mobile devices, building an enterprise-class wired and
wireless platform that is capable of delivering consistent,
high-quality user experiences on the latest consumer
smartphones, tablets, and more

Maintain security, visibility, and compliance to industry
regulations, even as more unverified devices are granted
access to the network

Solutions from Cisco Borderless Networks help you scale tools designed for small businesses while delivering the performance of those designed for the enterprise.


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